Gemini job horoscope for november 2019

Gemini September Horoscope recommends you to not lose patience and hope because your career is important and it will shine bright when planets are favouring you. Gemini horoscope monthly forecasts that you are expected to attract losses in the month of September by making investments of which you are not sure. You are suggested to keep your investments sorted and sure to avoid losing money. Gemini horoscope sun signs foretells that the good thing is that you will have your family and friends standing with you in case there are any financial crises to face.

This is the month to focus on family as per Gemini September Horoscope. In the past, things have not been going very smooth between you and your family members but you will be able to resolve them all. You will earn blessings from elders. Children will also be behaving disciplined. Friendship compatibility will be healthy as well.

Gemini horoscope for health predicts September to be a sensitive month for your health. Your immunity and energy levels will not be that great. It is extremely important for you to ensure that your sleep habits and eating practices are healthy.

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Working with kids and going back to school has made me realize how extreme our culture is in Right versus left directionally, politically and dating app -ly. Some days, it feels like everything is a dichotomy or a caricature of extremism. Even that sentence is a big, bold statement.

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I think, wow, what a set up for failure. Being sure of something is one of the most sure-fire ways I know to get it wrong. But it is pretty gutting sometimes. So what if we left more room for doubt? Gave it a little space, instead of fighting tooth and nail and failing? It may also ask you to speak up, or it might just suggest that you take the backseat.

Gemini 12222 Horoscope

Whichever it is, scroll through to read your monthly horoscope. Getty Images. Use your words this month, Aries. With your mouth! From September 13 through the 20, Mercury will be opposite your decan.

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This can lead to anxiety, stress or confusion as this celestial movement increases the energy surrounding you. So stay the course and use your words.

Ur gonna be fiiiiiiineeee. This month is interesting for you, Taurus.

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On the one hand, Mercury conjunct Venus will bring you social clarity and a burst of extraversion, but it can also lead to judgement from others. This month is supposed to bring some balance and harmony into your life.


Speaking as a Gemini —I really hope so. September 22 to October 4 will have the Sun trine your decan, so take that time to use your positivity and drive to your best advantage. Give someone else a chance to speak, and you might be surprised at what you discover about the world and yourself.

Welcome to Virgo season, dear Gemini!

The High Priestess tarot card is the guardian of subconsciousness. She is an archetypal…. Skip to content Home. Share with your friends:. Today's Gemini Matches Love. Tarot readings. Free readings.